Personal Steampunk Manifest

   Contrary to some assumptions, steampunk isn’t only about wearing awkward goggles and pointless cogs. there are a spirit of defiance against paradigms and preconceptions of modern society, not by raging against corporations and governments but by daring to dream a better world, a world in which the men are still gentlemen, educated, respectful gentlemen, the women are ladies, no balcony ladies, waiting for her prince. But intelligent, brave, cunning, powerful ladies.

Today and even more in the country i live, being a gentleman isn’t a virtue. opportunism, corruption an hypocrisy are expected of you. being a lady is even worst, with society pushing you to accomplish standards and cliches as absurd as a skin’s color or a bra’s size.

sometimes I feel like a gentleman in land of barbarians, a pariah for having old-fashioned values. I want to live in a better world.

Sure, ”you may say i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one”